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Committee Members Needed

Many of the services offered by the LCRSS to its member schools are made possible by the commitment and service of volunteers who serve on LCRSS Committees. The work of committees is important and rewarding, and the volunteers who serve the LCRSS are deeply committed to Reformed Christian education.

Listed below are several committees in need of new members. If you or someone you know would be interested and able to serve, please contact Kevin Hutchinson or John Wynia.

Finance Committee

Mandate: The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring the processes of financial planning, management and reporting of the LCRSS.

Members Needed: Treasurer (see “Division of Tasks”)

Government Contact Committee

Mandate: The Government Contact Committee monitors changes to law and policy in the province that would have an impact on LCRSS Member schools, increases awareness and understanding of government requirements related to policies for LCRSS Member schools, and acts as a sounding board for reports about changes and news that need to be highlighted for schools.

Members Needed: two Committee members at large.

Human Resources Committee

Mandate: The Human Resources (HR) Committee works with the LCRSS Directors to facilitate the hiring of LCRSS employees as directed by the Directors and with the employees of the LCRSS to ensure that they are fulfilling the mandate given to them by the Directors.

Members Needed: one Committee member at large, currently serving as secretary.

Professional Development Committee

Mandate: The Professional Development Committee reviews, recommends, and promotes formal and informal methods for in-service professional development of teachers, EAs and TAs, and (vice-)principals of the LCRSS.

Members Needed: one committee member with Board and/or Human Resource experience.