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Attracting Career Teachers

At the 2018 League Learning Day, we discussed the obstacles Reformed Christian schools face in attracting career teachers and proposed several ways to overcome those obstacles.

This page will be the home for all resources related to this project.

We are working on creating our own promotional video to attract individuals to careers in Reformed Christian education. 

The Federation of Protestant Reformed Schools has put together this video:

Many teachers in our schools complete their teaching training at Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College. You can find out more about their programs here.

You can also learn more about becoming an Ontario Certified Teacher through the Ontario College of Teachers.

To be certified, teachers must:

  • have completed a minimum three-year post-secondary degree from an acceptable post-secondary institution
  • have successfully completed a four semester teacher education program
  • apply to the College for certification and pay the annual membership and registration fees.
A list of accredited faculties of education where you can complete your teacher training in Ontario is available here.


We’ve asked LCRSS member high schools (and interested elementary schools) to designate an individual on their staff who will be a “champion” of the teaching career. The chosen individuals should be:

  • Passionate professional educators who have a clear understanding of the joys (and challenges) of teaching in Reformed Christian schools
  • Willing to speak to high school students about the day-to-day work of teaching
  • Knowledgeable about the various paths to career teaching in Reformed Christian schools
Once you’ve identified an individual on your staff who will be the Career Teacher Champion, connect them with your Guidance Counselor and let your students know who they can talk to about becoming a teacher! Interested elementary schools can connect with the Guidance Counselor or Principal at their local high school to make sure high school students can also chat with them if they are interested.
If you have any question about this project, contact the League Coordinator.