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High School


The LCRSS High School Committee (HSC) discusses and facilitates opportunities for the member high schools of the LCRSS (as societies and at the administrative level) to share resources and to work together addressing issues and challenges specific to operating a Reformed Christian high school in Ontario.

Offices and Terms

The Committee should be comprised of the principal and one board member from each LCRSS Member High School. The Board of Directors of the LCRSS will appoint a liaison who will sit on the Committee. The League Coordinator will also be a member of the Committee.

The Committee has three offices: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Secretary will be appointed on a rotating basis to record and distribute minutes of meetings.

Membership in the committee is determined by position within the high school society or the LCRSS. As such there are no terms of membership. If a committee member is unable to attend one of the meetings, they are encouraged to find a suitable alternate to attend.

Frequency of Meeting
As required, with a minimum of 3 times per year. Suggested meeting months are August, November, and March.


The High School Committee:

  • Maintains a relationship to facilitate synergy between LCRSS high schools and the LCRSS
  • Provides input and feedback on policies and procedures applicable to running a Reformed Christian High School
  • Addresses topical issues common to High Schools as they arise
  • Organizes professional development activities for the staff of LCRSS high schools (for example, planning a High
    School Teachers Conference or suggesting high school-specific workshops that would be of value to present at
    the annual LCRSS Teachers Convention).
  • Assists in the development and maintenance of a strategy for attracting career teachers to Reformed schools
  • Provides minutes of all HSC meetings to the LCRSS Directors.
  • Prepares a budget, if needed, for committee expenses to be presented annually to the Directors of the LCRSS by
    October 31

Stephen Deboer (Emmanuel Christian High School Principal) – [email protected]
Duane Koster (Emmanuel Christian High School Board Representative) – [email protected]
Jason Heemskerk (Guido de Bres Christian High School Principal) – [email protected]
David Kampen (Guido de Bres Christian High School Board Representative) – [email protected]
Mike VanderDeen (Providence Reformed Collegiate Principal) – [email protected]
John Zekveld (Providence Reformed Collegiate Board Representative) – [email protected]
Kevin Hutchinson (LCRSS Liaison, Chair) – [email protected]
Gerrit Bos (LCRSS Liaison, Vice-Chair) – [email protected]
John Wynia (LCRSS Coordinator) – [email protected]