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Member Services

General Services

  • Consultation and assistance on organizational, administrative, and education issues for Member schools
  • Promotion of, and promotional materials for, Reformed Christian Education
  • Interaction with other Christian education and advocacy organizations
  • Strategy and materials for promotion of the teaching profession in Member school societies
  • Presentations to Board, Staff, Members on a variety of educational issues
  • Maintains and publishes a directory of Reformed Christian schools

Organizational Services

  • Generic versions of sample policies and procedures suitable for a Reformed Christian School in Ontario
  • School review program (provided at cost for Member schools)
  • Strategic planning
  • Representation of Member schools to government agencies and bodies responsible for oversight of private/independent schools in Ontario
  • Governance training for school board members
  • League Learning Days - training and development for school society members on a variety of critical issues for Reformed Christian education

Administrative Services

  • Annual Compensation Committee Report and salary grid for teachers and administrators of member schools
  • Access to Group benefits and RRSP plan for employees of Member schools
  • Personnel Manual
  • Sample Employment Contracts and Schedules

Educational Services

  • Special Education Model for schools - strategies, techniques, and best practices for educating students with special needs within a Reformed school society
  • Annual Teachers' Convention
  • High School Professional Development Conference
  • Education Assistants Professional Development Conferences
  • Professional Development Strategy for schools
  • Teacher Professional Performance Guide
  • Professional Development Project(s) Template
  • Conceptual frameworks in most subject areas (Gr. 1-8)
  • Lesson templates for Bible and Church History
  • Support groups for parents of students with special needs