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Teach With Us! Ontario Program


The goal for League Learning Day 2018 was to develop strategies to deal with the shortage of “Career Teachers” in Reformed schools. Principals, Board Members, and Education Committee Members were invited to hear from students about how they make career choices, discuss the obstacles that might prevent them choosing a career teaching in Reformed schools, and develop a list of actionable items for the School Boards, Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College, and the LCRSS to follow up on in order to attract talented, qualified, career teachers to work in Reformed schools. 

League Learning Day 2018

Teach With Us! Resources Developed

A website for high school students is here:

LCRSS member high schools (and interested elementary schools) designated an individual on their staff who will be a “champion” of the teaching career. The chosen individuals were:

  • Passionate professional educators who have a clear understanding of the joys (and challenges) of teaching in Reformed Christian schools
  • Willing to speak to high school students about the day-to-day work of teaching
  • Knowledgeable about the various paths to career teaching in Reformed Christian schools
Once schools identified an individual on your staff to be the Career Teacher Champion, they were asked to connect them with their Guidance Counselor and to let students know who they could talk to about becoming a teacher. Interested elementary schools could connect with the Guidance Counselor or Principal at their local high school to make sure high school students could also chat with them if they were interested.
To view the posters and the pamphlet, click on the link below. If you would like a printable version, please contact the League Coordinator.