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LCRSS Link – April 2020

April Newsletter Articles:

  1. An Education in Resilience
    Resilience is word that is commonly used by politicians, journalists, economists, psychologists, and analysts, who all want to help us survive COVID-19 (or perhaps more accurately to help us survive the social distancing mandated to help us survive COVID-19). Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is a synonym of toughness. Our leaders are hoping that our economy, our society, our healthcare system, and our supply chain will be resilient. Our plan to survive COVID-19 is premised on this hope of resilience: resilience will give us hope, and hope will make us resilient. We can pull ourselves up again by our own bootstraps…Continue Reading
  2. Reducing the Risks of Online Learning
    To say that the move to distance learning online happened quickly, or to say that it has stretched the capacity of teachers and parents is, by now, a cliché. In one article I read, Jay Ferguson, the head of Grace Community School in Tyler, Texas, joked, “If we had attempted this much change with our people in ‘peacetime,’ it would have taken three years, $150,000 in consulting fees, and cost us half our faculty.” … Continue Reading
  3. LCRSS Update
    The work of the LCRSS continues during the COVID-19 closure. On March 31, the Chair of the LCRSS Directors and the League Coordinator met to discuss the status of the work of the LCRSS Committees and consider how the LCRSS can best continue to serve our Member schools during the shutdown. The minutes of that meeting have been made available to members via the website, but here are some of the highlights… Continue Reading
  4. Considerations and Recommendation to Implement the 2020-2021 Salary Report
    The Compensation Committee met on April 14 and discussed implementing the 2020-2021 Salary Report considering the COVID-19 closures. It was decided that it would be unwise to advise any adjustments to the Report at this time, unless most of the schools felt that it was necessary. To date this has not been the case. Here are the factors we considered… Continue Reading
  5. An Update From CCRTC
    On April 23 and 24, two Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) reviewers paid a virtual visit to the College with the purpose of interviewing the executive, faculty, committee representatives, and several students and alumni. The review panel consisted of a representative from PEQAB and a PEQAB-appointed reviewer from Vancouver. … Continue Reading

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