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LCRSS Link – May 2020

May Newsletter Articles:

  1. Life by Meetings
    One part of the “old” normal that I am not sure will ever be the same is the meetings. In a recent article in Clarion, Rev. Holtvluwer made the problem and possibility of “Death by Meeting” clear. I agree with Rev. Holtvluwer’s point, and with his suggestions: there are many good ways that our church and school meetings can be made “more efficient and effective.” But I have always enjoyed meetings – yes, you read that right: I enjoy meetings. In some ways, meetings are, probably, the best part of my job. Of course, not all meetings are great. In my experience, though, most are good and for every bad meeting, there are at least as many great ones.  So why do I love meetings? Read the article.
  2. Making the Most of Distance Learning
    This article is the second of a two part series. The first can be accessed here.
    After a quarter of a school year doing “emergency distance learning,” I think we have probably reached a point where schools and families have found a rhythm and a routine to learning at home. What that routine looks like from one home to another, and from one school to another, varies widely, but for the most part we have adjusted to this “new normal.” As the 2019-2020 school year comes to an abnormal end, most school administrators have begun to set their sights on September 2020 with one big question on their minds: what will the return to school be like? Continue reading…
  3. ASC Committee Update
    The Assisting the Special Child Committee meets four to six times per year to fulfill its mandate of researching and assisting parents and staff of LCRSS Member Schools to prepare programs for the benefit of children with exceptionalities. The committee is made up of teachers, parents, the League Coordinator, and a liaison to the Directors of the LCRSS, which gives it a well-rounded perspective. Our committee is involved in several activities throughout the year including organizing and sponsoring a conference for Education Assistants in early December every year, holding biannual parent support group meetings, and hosting an annual Spring Meeting. Learn more…

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