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LCRSS Link – December 2019

December Newsletter Articles:

  1. We Walk by Faith, not by Sight
    We recently came to the end of the calendar year, of another decade. As we did so, you likely spent some time reflecting—considering the results of your labour and pondering God’s providential care for you. I did the same, and much of my reflection over the past while has been fueled by a provocative question posed by Tim Challies on his well-known blog ( In an October 4th post, Challies asks, “What if God really doesn’t care a whole lot about how you educate your children?” Writing about choices parents make to send the children to public or Christian schools, or to keep them at home for schooling, Challies concludes, “when we operate by wisdom and conviction, when we pray fervently and decide boldly, God is eager and willing to pour out his blessings upon us and upon our children, no matter what direction we choose.” Continue reading…
  2. Annual Directors Report

    It is with pleasure and thankfulness to the Lord that we, as Directors, submit the 2018-2019 Annual Report to the LCRSS Membership. We acknowledge that anything and everything that we have accomplished is because the Lord provides us with what we need, and we look to His strength and guidance for the future as well. Continue reading…