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LCRSS Link – March 2020

March Newsletter Articles:

  1. Essential Services
    Shortly after schools began to close due to COVID-19, I joined a Facebook group for teachers impacted by closures. The group (Educator Temporary School Closure Community) has over 120,000 members from all over the world, all facing similar challenges to the ones we are facing in our schools and societies. The support provided to teachers in the group is amazing and encouraging. Teachers share memes and encouraging stories, ask questions and share challenges. Teachers with experience in virtual and distance learning share their expertise. And teachers who work at schools that have been closed for 8-9 weeks share their experiences – both successes and failures – as they moved their learning online. The administrators of the group even host “office hours.” Continue reading…
  2. Building a Plane While Flying It
    “Building a plane while flying it. . .” is an expression that crossed my mind many times during the past week when a novel mode of teaching and learning was introduced as a result of the impact of the novel coronavirus. Judging by the many updates shared by Principals of Reformed Christian schools across Canada (and Lynden, WA) over the course of the past few weeks, one thing is very clear: Professional development is at an all-time high level and has unleashed a whirl of feverish activity. Teachers not only are acquiring new learnings themselves but are also implementing their newly-acquired learnings at a breakneck speed. Continue reading…
  3. Support for Schools, Teachers, and Parents
    On March 31, the Ontario Government announced that the declaration of a State of Emergency in the province, by which all Private schools have been closed, would extend until at least April 13. Public schools will be closed to teachers until May 1, and to students until May 4. While the closures continue, The Link will be published on a monthly basis and will provide links to some resources for schools, parents, and teachers. Continue reading…

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