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LCRSS Link – December 2020

December Newsletter Articles:

  1. What is Reformed Education?
    Imagine that you are moving into a new community and must choose a new school for your children to attend. While you are researching the area, two Christian schools catch your eye and both are a reasonable distance from the area where you will be living. Both carry the name of a Reformer and have a similar mission: training students to live and serve in God’s kingdom. How will you choose which school your children should attend? … Read the article!
  2. An Update from CARE
    Have you ever contemplated what a wonderful weapon a textbook is? No, not as a means of stopping that annoying guy behind you from kicking your desk (though, speaking from experience, that is effective…). Rather, have you ever considered the role that a textbook has as a means for combatting one school of thought with the purpose of instilling another? … Find out more.
  3. Annual Directors’ Report
    It is with pleasure and thankfulness to the Lord that we, as Directors, submit the 2019-2020 Annual Report to the LCRSS Membership. We acknowledge that anything and everything that we have accomplished is because the Lord provides us with what we need, and we look to His strength and guidance for the future as well. The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that the world struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic. … Keep reading.

Download the LCRSS Link, Volume 5, Issue 5