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LCRSS Link – September 2020

September Newsletter Articles:

  1. Private Schools and the Ontario Government – Where are we now?
    Private schools, especially private elementary schools, operate with little or no government oversight (or interference) in Ontario. They are defined in The Education Act as institutions “at which instruction is provided at any time between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on any school day for five or more pupils who are of or over compulsory school age in any of the subjects of the elementary or secondary school courses of study.” The MoE webpage on private schools states, “private schools operate as businesses or non-profit organizations independently of the Ministry or Education.” …Keep reading
  2. Reopening Resources for Schools
    Schools are reopening under very different circumstances this September. In meetings with principals and school boards, Members have been sharing resources and products they will be using to help with reopening. See some examples.
  3. Coming Soon from CARE/RCDC
    In 2018, a few high school science teachers got together with the idea of creating a high school textbook on evolution from a Reformed Christian perspective. Through the assistance of the LCRSS’s CARE Committee and the Reformed Curriculum Development Committee in British Columbia, the new textbook Searching (for Truth in)the Tree of Life is ready for printing and will be arriving at Member Schools soon. Get more information.

Download the LCRSS Link, Volume 5, Issue 4