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LCRSS Link – June 2021

June Newsletter Articles:

  1. The Covenant is Visible in a Reformed School
    The dominion work God calls us to—bringing forth fruit from the earth, subduing it, and making it multiply—requires His community of remade makers to be busy in all areas of human endeavour to serve all areas of human need. By God’s grace, Reformed schools work covenantally with the home and church to prepare students for obedient stewardship of creation, for the service of others, to the glory of God. Read the update from the LCRSS Office.
  2. ASC Committee Update
    Building a network of sharing is at the heart of what the ASC (Assisting the Special Child) Committee does for the LCRSS.  God has given us the wonderful ability to communicate with each other and share our joys, our sorrows, and our concerns with each other. This remains at the core of what ASC does. Operating under the LCRSS supervision, our committee has a mix of parents, special education teachers, and principals. We meet several times a year to continue to support one another and to maintain a network of support for staff members and parents of the LCRSS Member Schools. We share, we learn, and we build a network. Read more from ASC.
  3. School Review Committee Update
    One of the many services offered by the LCRSS is the ability for your school society to engage in a “School Review”. This review consists of an evaluation of most of the operational, governance, and strategic elements involved in running a school society. Learn more about the LCRSS School Review program.
  4. Blessed Growth and Expansion at Covenant Christian School
    March 2nd, 2021, was an extremely special day for the Covenant Christian School (CCS) community in London, Ontario.  On a cold, white, late winter morning the staff and students at CCS gathered outside to celebrate the gracious blessings of the Builder and to reflect upon the wise words of King Solomon in Psalm 127: “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it.”On that morning, the school community was given the green light to enter its fully finished renovation and expansion. Read more about the expansion at CCS.