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LCRSS Link – March 2021

March Newsletter Articles:

  1. Reformed Education is Covenantal
    The explanation of the first marker begins by identifying who Reformed education is for: “Reformed education is for covenant children who have been claimed by God and have received the sure promises of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as signed and sealed in their baptism.” At first glance it may sound like this is primarily a statement about who may be enrolled in a Reformed Christian school. Thus, we may come to think that the primary impact of the covenant on education is to make it exclusionary and protectionist. … Read more
  2. Teaching High School in a Pandemic
    What has it actually been like for teachers to teach through the pandemic? What have been the biggest challenges? What have they learned from the process? What did their students (and parents) learn? What has been surprising? The LCRSS High School Committee surveyed high school teachers to find out.
  3. An Update from the PDC
    The current and on-going Covid-19 pandemic has students, parents, schools, administrators, and teachers learning and stretching in ways no one ever imagined as we found new ways to ensure student learning.  New tools, techniques, strategies, and practices were considered, tested, and administered under these strange circumstances. This informal professional development helped student growth and learning through distance education and into the new classrooms of our schools. Click here to read more from the PDC.

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